Solar Panels in New Technology

Get Solar-Powered Technology for Homes in Belgrade, Maine, or Surrounding Areas This month, Custom Window Decorators is blogging about solar panels in new technology for Belgrade, Maine, and surrounding communities. Solar powered blinds are a type of smart blind, as we described in October. Smart blinds are easy-to-use. They integrate with security systems, and are […]

Learn All About Stage Curtains from Custom Window Decorators

Specializing in Stage Curtains in Portland, Maine, and Surrounding Areas This month, we’re blogging all about stage curtains. Stage curtains differ significantly from home window treatments. Unlike smart blinds, stage curtains don’t attach to windows at all. Stage curtains close off specific areas of a theater’s stage from the audience’s view. Whether in the Good […]

Top Three Advantages of Smart Blinds in & Around Freeport, Maine

Custom Window Decorators Offers State-of-The-Art Smart Blinds For our inaugural blog, Custom Window Decorators is explaining the advantages of smart blinds for your Freeport, Maine, home. In this day and age, window treatments have become an essential component for every home. Not only do they add aesthetic appeal, they control how much light, heat, and […]