Add Charm to Windows by Using Draperies in Yarmouth, Maine

Custom Window Decorators Inc Offers a Variety of Floor-Length Panels

Consider using draperies in Yarmouth, Maine, from Custom Window Decorators Inc, to add elegance to your home or business. Drapes are thick, fabric panels similar to curtains, but cut to floor length or to puddle a little. Custom Window Decorators Inc has a variety of draperies from which you can choose. Shop from home or browse our gallery today. To find out additional information, call (207) 784-4113 or 1-800-273-1119 or contact us online.

Understanding the Different Draperies for Your Norway, Maine, Home

Draperies come in a variety of sizes and types, especially custom drapes. Here at Custom Window Decorators Inc, we divide drapes into three categories: simple, pleated, and specialty. Simple draperies are casual; they flow freely. Pleated drapes have deep folds on top and are tailored. Specialty draperies often include unique features, such as tethered valances and supplementary fabrics. Choose which would work best in your Norway, Maine, home or business.

Living Room Drapes are Stylish and Decorative, Plus Provide Privacy

Opting to install drapes in your living room? Living room drapes are multifaceted. First of all, living room drapes are decorative and stylish. All the drapes should hang from the same height at equal lengths for the living room to look coordinated. They also provide privacy, especially when combining them with motorized shades or blinds. Drapes control how much light can enter the living room.

Sheer Drapes Invite Plenty of Light, and Heavy Drapes Block Light Out

Sheer drapes invite plenty of natural light while blocking out the harshness of direct sunlight. Draperies like linens allow some light to filter through, but not as much as sheers. Heavier drapes paired with linings completely block out natural light. Custom Window Decorators Inc can add elegance to your home with draperies in Yarmouth, Maine.