Get Stylish Roller Shades in Cumberland Center, Maine

Roller Shades are Window Treatments that Include a Rolling Mechanism

Get different kinds of roller shades in Cumberland Center, Maine, from Custom Window Decorators Inc. Roller shades are window treatments that include a rolling mechanism. The top part of most roller shades fits at the upper section of windows. Vinyl or cloth gets attached to the shade’s top and at its bottom bar.

Traditionally, roller shades roll out in a downward motion from the back. With other options, the fabric rolls out from the front. Some of our motorized shades and solar shades are roller shades. Call (207) 784-4113 or 1-800-273-1119, or contact us online to check out each type of roller shade that we have.

Put Roller Shades in Your Casco, Maine, Kitchen, Bathroom, or Living Room

Roller shades fit perfectly in any home in Casco, Maine, or the surrounding area. They complement kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, or bedrooms. Roller shades are easy to operate, especially those that are motorized. These motorized window treatments allow effortless remote control by integrating well with a home’s smart devices.

Roller Shades are Easy-to-Clean and Practically Maintenance-Free

Roller shades effectively regulate room temperatures and are known for their durability. They are manufactured with steel tubes and good quality fabrics. Roller shades also do not dull with sunlight; their fabric is usually UV ray-resistant. To keep roller shades clean, simply dust and wipe them down. They are practically maintenance-free.

Different Levels of UV Protection in Rangeley, Maine, with Roller Shades

Roller shades include various degrees of translucency and textures, offering several light-filtering options in and around Rangeley, Maine. The many styles also provide different levels of UV protection. The fabric and hue variations – contemporary, classic, and assorted colors – ensure the right match for any décor. At Custom Window Decorator Inc, you have your pick of high-quality roller shades in Cumberland Center, Maine.