The Window Dresser

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We are proud to announce that The Window Decorators, located in Lewiston, Maine, is also the new home of The Window Dresser from Topsham, Maine.

After many years, a long friendship, and even sharing the same seamstress, we have decided to join forces under one ownership. David has decided to retire shortly and we want to make it a smoother transition. This partnership means a larger selection, a more centrally-located warehouse, our existing storefront, and customer service bar none! Our extended “Shop at Home” service and repair portion of our business will always be here to service you. We welcome all new and existing clients to the “The New and Improved,” for your convenience and selection desires.

All your residential and commercial needs for brand name or custom-made window treatments and repairs are here to service all your window needs and better than ever.

Welcome to the new home of The Window Dresser in Lewiston, Maine.