Get an Assortment of Shutters in Georgetown, Maine, to Accent Your Home

Add Shutters to Bring Functionality and Appeal to Homes and Businesses

For an assortment of shutters, contact Custom Window Decorators Inc in Georgetown, Maine. Shutters bring functionality and appeal to any home in Rome, Maine, or the surrounding areas. They reduce energy consumption by inviting people to open their windows, turn off the air conditioning, and enjoy natural breezes. Please browse our gallery or shop from home to get the perfect shutters for your home or business. Call (207) 784-4113 or 1-800-273-1119 or contact us online about adding shutters to your windows.

Interior and Exterior Shutters Naturally Insulate, Block Sound, and More

Both interior and exterior shutters offer various benefits. Wood and poly-material shutters are naturally insulated, which add to energy-efficient windows. On average, shutters provide nearly a 51-percent reduction in energy costs. Their operable louvers help control ventilation, flushing out stale indoor air while protecting against gusts of wind. Shutters also block sound and light, creating a unique alternative to blackout drapes.

Consider Installing Interior or Exterior Shutters for Style and Practicality

Interior shutters require little maintenance. They often feature operable louvers. With this feature, you can control how much natural light gets into your home or business. Exterior shutters protect windows from drafts, impact damage, and can give added window security. They provide an aesthetic component to homes with siding by adding a splash of color, enhancing curb appeal.

Contact Custom Window Decorators Inc to Get Shutters in Wayne, Maine

To find shutters for windows in and around Wayne, Maine, contact Custom Window Decorators Inc today. We offer plantation, composite, hardwood, and polymer styles. They complement other window treatments like curtains, drapes, blinds, or even motorized shades. Our company has one of the largest selections of shutters in the industry. Call or stop by Custom Window Decorators Inc to check out our assortment of shutters in Georgetown, Maine.