Consider Using Solar Shades in Falmouth, Maine

Custom Window Decorators Inc Solar Shades Save Money in Summer

For solar shades in Falmouth, Maine, contact Custom Window Decorators Inc. Solar shades are made with an HDPE or PVC mesh. The mesh’s design allows you to see through the shades, while slightly blocking daylight or sun.

Solar shades help reduce heat in a window by blocking how much sunlight comes into a room. This makes windows more energy-efficient, helping to save on costs during the summer and warm, sunny days all year. Our commitment to excellence guarantees that we provide top-quality solar shades to our customers. We have a wide selection, including pleated, Roman, and motorized shades. Call (207) 784-4113 or 1-800-273-1119, or contact us online to see if solar shades are right for you. We invite you to shop from home, visit our shop, or browse our gallery today.

Solar Shades Invite Sunlight Inside While Protecting Items from Damage

Rooms that fill up with daylight are highly desirable. However, sunlight can damage and discolor furnishings over time. The material from which solar shades are made blocks a bit, but not all, of the sunlight coming into a room. Therefore, you get the brightness of sunlight without worrying about long-term damage to furniture or furnishings. Solar shades are also made with antimicrobial and flame-retardant materials. Furthermore, they reduce glare and incoming heat to keep you comfortable while still enjoying the sunlight.

Reduce Glare and Increase Privacy with Solar Shades in Lovell, Maine

Another benefit of solar shades is that they can reduce glare to improve comfort for homes in and around Lovell, Maine. These window treatments can also increase privacy while allowing light to enter the rooms in which they are installed. Solar shades can reduce energy costs by 15 percent and are often made with biodegradable materials, generating long-term savings.

Custom Window Decorators Inc sells quality solar shades in Falmouth, Maine.