Make Your Home Unique with Custom Window Fashions in Brunswick, Maine

Custom Window Decorators Inc Can Customize Any Window Treatment

For made-to-order window fashions in Brunswick, Maine, contact Custom Window Decorators Inc. We offer a wide selection of manufactured window treatments, but sometimes, homeowners want something specific. If you have a particular design in mind that we do not carry, consider a made-to-order window fashion. Call (207) 784-4113 or 1-800-273-1119, contact us online, or try our shop from home feature to get started.

Window Fashions Should Complement Furnishings and Furniture

Custom-made window fashions are window treatments created by interior designers, rather than those which are manufactured. As such, window fashions should complement furnishings and furniture. This is not only accomplished for cohesiveness, but also to inspire desired emotions from family, friends, and customers. When deciding on what window fashion you want for your home or business, start by considering the flooring, walls, and overall interior color scheme. Get a vision for how you want this particular room to look. Then ask yourself these questions:

  • What mood do I want?
  • How do I want guests or customers to perceive my home or business?
  • In what ways do I want the window treatments to function?

Match Window Fashions with Your Interior Décor in Bar Harbor, Maine

When designing made-to-order window fashions, we recommend considering the interior décor of your home or business in or around Bar Harbor, Maine. Pay attention to the existing materials, fabrics, colors, and styles first. The textures and styles should complement, if not improve, the room’s feelings. Knowing what emotions you want to inspire in each room makes it easy to design customized shades, drapes, and more. We will work with you to fulfill your vision. When you know what you want, contact Custom Window Decorators Inc to order customized window fashions in Brunswick, Maine.