Get Various Brands of Roman Shades in Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Custom Window Decorators Inc Roman Shades Stack in Horizontal Folds

Roman shades in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, and elsewhere, are window coverings made from soft fabric. They open and close by a cord system and rings that are sewn on the back. When Roman shades are raised, they stack evenly in horizontal folds. At Custom Window Decorators Inc, we offer various brands of Roman shades from Vignette®, Solera®, and more.

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Enhance Your Home’s Décor While Protecting Against Sun & Heat Damage

There are many benefits to having Roman shades. They enhance your home’s décor while protecting your furnishings against sun and heat damage. You can use Roman shades in almost any room, thanks to their versatility.

Two common Roman shade options are colonial and zig zag. While the zig zag Roman shades look great in kids’ rooms and bathrooms, colonial shades blend well with many types of décor. Roman blinds work particularly well in spaces where curtains or drapes could get in the way of furniture.

Roman Shades are Energy-Efficient, Safe for Children, and Easy-to-Use

Other advantages of Roman shades are their energy efficiency and operation safety. Many Roman shades are insulated with thermal acrylic foam, made to keep interiors cool in summer and warm in winter. Often, shades or blinds with low-hanging cords pose a strangulation hazard for children and domestic animals. Roman shades can come with motorized shades with a cordless operating system to make them safe and easy-to-use window treatments. Contact Custom Window Decorators Inc to check out our brands of Roman shades in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.