Save on Energy Costs with Insulating Cellular Shades in Farmington, Maine

Custom Window Decorators Inc Cellular Shades are Made to Insulate

Find insulating cellular shades in Farmington, Maine, with Custom Window Decorator Inc. Cellular shades, made of “honeycomb” cells, are popular window treatments known for their insulating properties and streamlined design. Generally, cellular shades are made of a soft fabric; double or triple cellular shades increase the fabric and insulation properties. You can also find cellular motorized shades. If you know what you want, shop from home or visit our showroom. To narrow down your choices, browse our gallery, call (207) 784-4113 or 1-800-273-1119, or contact us online.

Pick Single or Multiple Cellular Shades, Based on Your Area’s Temperature

Choosing single or multi-cellular shades depends on your budget and the temperature levels of the area in which you live. If you live in a relatively moderate climate, single cell cellular shades are fine. Those who live in especially cold or hot environments should get either double or triple cell cellular shades.

Triple and Double Cell Cellular Shades Save on Heating and Cooling Costs

Cellular shades with multiple cells have higher levels of insulation. Triple cell cellular shades are more expensive than double, and double cell cellular shades cost more than single. However, triple and double cell cellular shades can save on heating and cooling costs over time.

Cellular Shades Complement Many Rooms in & Around Farmington, Maine

Cellular shades work best over windows in rooms with low ceilings. Their simplicity emphasizes the available space, and their clean edges make rooms look taller. When installed over long windows, the layered feel of cellular shades gives the windows a softened, warm appearance. Cellular shades installed on arched windows darken toward the center point on the bottom. These shades complement the ceiling texture and focus the eye on the sky when installed on skylights. Whether for homes and businesses, choose Custom Window Decorator Inc’s insulating cellular shades in Farmington, Maine.