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Are you looking for custom windows in Lewiston, Maine? Everything you need for unique or traditional window treatments is available at Custom Window Decorators Inc. Our customer service, window treatment quality, and passion for the industry are second-to-none in Lewiston, Maine, and the surrounding area. For the best window treatments to complement your home or business, visit our showroom at 1478 Lisbon Street in Lewiston, Maine. To get more information, contact us online or give us a call at (207) 784-4113 or 1-800-273-1119.

Business Has Grown as Product Offerings Have Expanded

Owner Mike Favreau opened Custom Window Decorators Inc in 1987 as a vertical blind manufacturer. The company moved twice due to the increase of product offerings and the space needed to house those items. Our expanded showroom at 1478 Lisbon Street in Lewiston, Maine, is the result of our growth. What began with manufacturing vertical blinds has grown into a full line of window treatments, accessories, and services, such as:

Custom Window Decorators Inc Provides High-Quality Services


Custom Window Decorators Inc is a leading window treatment company. We serve Lewiston, Auburn, Portland and the rest of Androscoggin County in the state of Maine.


Custom Window Decorators Inc offers modern, motorized shades and window treatments. These allow you to control lighting and privacy preferences from your smartphone.


Here at Custom Window Decorators Inc, we will evaluate your existing stage curtains to see if they meet regulations. If they do not, we will make sure that they do.

Everything You Need for Unique or Traditional Window Treatments

When homeowners and business owners need new window treatments, the best place to start is Custom Window Decorators Inc. Everything that you need for unique or traditional window treatments is available at an affordable price. One of our mottos is: “Why pay more elsewhere?” Our professional team is skilled in our industry’s specialties. Our custom window experts can handle a total project, including beginning measurements, installation, after-sale service, and final delivery.

Some of the advantages we have over the competition include:

  • Shop From Home Service
  • Open Communication
  • Customer Service
  • Affordable Products
  • Fast Service
  • Reliable Delivery

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Are you looking to make your home the gem of the neighborhood? Have you considered window treatments? Sprucing up your home can take a lot of different forms. The services by Custom Window Decorators Inc are modern and fashionable. Give us a call, stop by the showroom, or contact us online. You can also browse the photo gallery to see our beautiful products and services. Furthermore, you can learn more about us throughout our website.

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