Popular Color Palettes for 2023

1 Feb. 2023

Window Treatments in Sebago Lake, ME from Custom Window Decorators

This month, we’re blogging about window treatment color palettes for 2023. The trend for curtains, drapes, and other window treatments are combining simplicity with style in and around Sebago Lake, Maine. Many people are choosing blackout drapes with monochrome sheers in muted and earthy colors like sage green and dusty rose. Others lean towards patterns of flowers or leaves on printed fabric curtains with neutral linens in cream, beige, or white.

Combine Privacy and Style with Blackout Drapes and Monochrome Sheers

When choosing to combine blackout drapes and monochrome sheers, you get the best of both worlds–privacy and style. Consider these options for your color palettes for 2023. Blackout drapes serve well as backdrops to monochrome sheers. You can also flip-flop them, to increase control over how much light you want in your Sebago Lake, Maine, home. Here are some examples:

Blackout Drapes

These drapes keep outside light from entering and soften outside noise in and around Sebago Lake, Maine. They also improve energy efficiency by insulating the room. You can get blackout drapes in any shade–gray, blue, brown, black, or even white. The key to blackout drapes isn’t necessarily their dark color, but their double-lined, tightly woven material.

Monochrome Sheers

Monochrome sheers are curtains made with lightweight material. They cover your windows in Sebago Lake, Maine, and soften lighting. However, they don’t block as much light as blackout drapes. Monochrome sheers use variations of a single color, differing only in the color’s shade.

The Color Palettes for 2023 Add Unique Style to Every Room

Pairing neutral linens with print curtains in and around Sebago Lake, Maine, adds style to any room in your home. Neutral linens go well with rooms that have vivid colored walls, carpet, or other décor. Once you’ve picked the neutral linens for the right room, the print curtains should complement the vivid colors.

For example, you’d want to use beige or cream colored neutral linens in a room with blue walls and carpeting. Then, pair the linens with the same shade of blue polka dot, striped, or leaf and flower print curtains.

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