Top Three Advantages of Smart Blinds in & Around Freeport, Maine

5 Oct. 2022

Custom Window Decorators Offers State-of-The-Art Smart Blinds

For our inaugural blog, Custom Window Decorators is explaining the advantages of smart blinds for your Freeport, Maine, home. In this day and age, window treatments have become an essential component for every home. Not only do they add aesthetic appeal, they control how much light, heat, and glare enter inside. Furthermore, window treatments prevent the sun from fading furniture and carpeting. Custom Window Decorators offers quality motorized window treatments from our Lewiston, Maine, shop. That said, if you’re tired of bent pieces or tangled cords, smart blinds are the way to go.

Some smart blinds are even solar powered, making them environmentally friendly as well as convenient. Among the advantages of having smart blinds in and around Freeport, Maine, include:

  • They’re Easy-to-Use
  • Smart Blinds Can Integrate with Security Systems
  • They’re Simple to Clean

Advantage #1: Smart Blinds Are Easy-to-Use for Any Age

Smart blinds run on tracks, with electronic devices such as phones and tablets controlling them. Both children and adults find them easy-to-use. They can operate them manually as-needed, or set the blinds to open and close on a timer. Rather than struggling to adjust them with a cord, using a smartphone or tablet application makes smart blinds easy-to-use.

Advantage #2: Smart Blinds Can Integrate with Security Systems

In addition to being easy-to-use, another advantage of having smart blinds is that they integrate with security systems. Not every smart blind set can integrate with security systems, though. Some smart blinds that can integrate with security systems in Freeport, Maine, and surrounding areas are Lutron Serena with HomeKit.

Advantage #3: Smart Blinds are Simple to Clean

Besides the advantage that smart blinds can integrate with security systems, they’re also simple to clean. We highly recommend investing in a lamb’s-wool duster or rubber sponge to keep smart blinds clean. Using either tool is safe to use, and both make it simple to clean smart blinds. Using a rubber sponge makes the blind simple to clean because you don’t need to wet it. Work the lamb’s wool duster across the slats, and make your way down to catch any falling dust.

At Custom Window Decorators, we offer a variety of customized window treatments in and around Freeport, Maine. See all we offer for yourself by calling (207) 376-9739. Stay up-to-date when you follow us on Facebook. When you call, we’d be glad to share more advantages of smart blinds.