Try Designing Your Home with Window Treatments

1 Mar. 2023

Custom Window Decorators Inc Window Treatments Enrich Home Décor

For March, we’re blogging about designing your home with window treatments. Practically speaking, window treatments control the amount of natural light that filters into a room. Beyond that, they enrich the home’s overall decor.

Drapes, blinds, and interior shutters not only provide a frame, but also liven up the room without changing the architecture. So much of homes’ insides, whether in Foreside, Maine, or Cumberland, Maine, are either completed or diminished by window treatments. If you’re trying to decide what  to use in which room, consider installing:

Flair and Function in Cumberland Foreside, Maine, With Bedroom Drapes

Drapes are a formal style of window treatments similar to curtains. They’re usually longer and often made of thicker material. Bedroom drapes filter the sunlight, add warmth, and make the room look finished. It’s best to install heavy drapes in the bedroom, for added privacy. Ultimately, using drapes in the bedroom, homeowners in and around Cumberland Foreside, Maine, ends up combining both flair and function.

Consider Installing Stylish Roman Shades in Your Cumberland Bathroom

Using Roman shades in the bathroom of homes in Cumberland, Maine, and surrounding areas, adds simplistic style and practicality. Simply put, Roman shades are fabric window treatments. They’re raised or lowered using a cord system and rings attached to the fabric’s back. When you raise Roman shades, they stack evenly in horizontal folds.

Installing Roman shades in the bathroom helps to control natural light as any shade would. However, Roman shades in the bathroom, add a softness to the hard surfaces of the sink, tub, toilet, and floor. You shouldn’t install Roman shades in the bathroom if it’s not well-ventilated. It’s also important to note that Roman shades can suffer water and mold damage.

Interior Shutters in Common Rooms Favorably Accent Any Architectural Style

When you install interior shutters in common rooms in and around Cumberland, Maine, you add visual interest to your home. Interior shutters offer great versatility for common rooms; you can coordinate them with your existing trim and design. Unlike exterior shutters in Foreside, Maine, and adjacent communities, interior shutters in common rooms go on any window and house. These unique window treatments also help control energy-efficiency and the home’s temperature. When designing your commonly used rooms in Cumberland, Maine, Cumberland Foreside, Maine, or surrounding areas, consider installing interior shutters.

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