What Options Are Available for Window Shades?

1 May. 2024

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What options are available for window shades? Custom Window Decorators in Lewiston, ME is ready to help you answer that question. Whether you have had your shades for a long time or just want something new, we have answers on the latest options. You may have had laminated or pleated shades, but now you want Roman or Silhouette. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular options on the market in this month’s blog.

Let’s Take a Look at Laminated and Pleated Shades

Laminated shades are a fantastic blend of style and practicality. With a layer of fabric joined with a sheer backing, these shades offer the best of both worlds. They provide privacy while still allowing diffused light to enter the room. Laminated shades are available in a variety of colors and patterns, making them adaptable to different design aesthetics.

Pleated shades offer a crisp appearance. They create an elegant look in any room, adding depth and texture to windows. These shades are available in various materials, allowing you to cater to different preferences. You can raise and lower them easily to control light and privacy.

Roman Shades and Honeycomb Cellular Shades Are a Great Choice

Roman shades are a timeless choice that brings sophistication to any space. These shades fold up neatly when raised and cascade gracefully when lowered, creating a polished and refined look. Roman shades are available in a wide array of fabrics, from sheer to blackout, allowing for customization.

Honeycomb cellular shades provide an energy-efficient design. The unique honeycomb structure traps air, providing insulation that keeps homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer. This functional aspect includes a range of light-filtering and blackout options, making these shades suitable for various rooms and preferences.

Silhouette Shades and Roller Shades Are Also a Popular Option

Silhouette shades are the epitome of elegance and innovation. They feature soft, adjustable S-shaped vanes that appear to float between two sheer panels. These shades offer the perfect balance between light diffusion and privacy. When tilted, the vanes block out harsh sunlight while still allowing a soft glow to enter the room.

Roller shades offer a sleek and minimalistic design. They’re a versatile option that works well in various settings. Roller shades are available in a wide range of fabrics, patterns, and opacities. From sheer to blackout, they cater to different light control needs.

Don’t Forget Motorized Shades

The convenience of motorized shades is becoming increasingly popular. With motorization, homeowners can control their shades with the touch of a button or through smart home integration. Motorized shades are particularly advantageous for hard-to-reach windows or homes with numerous windows.


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