What Are Some Ideas to Promote Privacy While Letting in Light?


Custom Window Decorators is Helping You Ensure Home Privacy What are some ideas to promote privacy while letting in light? Custom Window Decorators in Lewiston, ME have some great ideas. While you may want the natural sunlight in our homes, that doesn’t mean you don’t want privacy. Our window decorators have the right approach for […]

Color Trends and Styles for 2023


Custom Window Decorators Knows the Latest Color Trends and Styles Custom Window Decorators for Falmouth, ME and the surrounding area focuses in this month’s blog post the latest color trends and styles for 2023. With window decorations, staying up-to-date with the latest color and style trends can elevate the overall aesthetic of your home. From […]

Custom Roller Shades and Motorization


Get Quality Custom Roller Shades at Custom Window Decorators When you have questions about custom roller shades and motorization in Portland, ME, and beyond, count on Custom Window Decorators. Automation is making its way into homes across our state. This includes items such as exterior doors, appliances, and more. Our shades experts know how to […]

Controlling Light in Your Home


Custom Window Decorators Helps You with Your Sunlight Problems Are you having trouble with controlling light in your home in North Yarmouth, ME, and the surrounding areas? Custom Window Decorators will discuss how you can handle this problem in this month’s blog. Now that spring is here, brighter, sunny days will be a normal occurrence. […]