Controlling Light in Your Home

1 Apr. 2023

Custom Window Decorators Helps You with Your Sunlight Problems

Are you having trouble with controlling light in your home in North Yarmouth, ME, and the surrounding areas? Custom Window Decorators will discuss how you can handle this problem in this month’s blog. Now that spring is here, brighter, sunny days will be a normal occurrence.

However, there are times when it can be a little too much as you try to control how much sunlight you let in. This is especially true when the sun is at a lower angle. Here are a couple of great ideas to help you to control the amount of light in your home.

There are a Variety of Factors to Consider for Window Treatments

Make sure to carefully consider a variety of options before deciding how you want to handle light in your home. This covers everything, from materials to colors. What you should choose will depend on your decor, whether you decide on drapes, sheers, curtains, or anything else in between.

Remember that during the winter months, the sun’s angle is much lower compared to summer. There is a greater chance of a glare on your windows. It also means that your furniture’s fabric is at a greater risk of fading.

Choose a Style that Matches What You Are Looking for, and Enjoy

The experts at Custom Window Decorators offer a wide array of window treatments to control sunlight. These include vertical blinds, Roman shades, motorized shades and blinds, and more. Each of them adds to the beauty of the room and serves a great function. They are also easy to maintain.

Keep Your Blinds Open, Though, During the Day

Dust is something that none of us want in our home. According to an article in Science Daily, letting sunshine into your home helps get rid of bacteria in dust. This helps to reduce your risk for getting a respiratory infection.

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