Learn All About Stage Curtains from Custom Window Decorators

1 Nov. 2022

Specializing in Stage Curtains in Portland, Maine, and Surrounding Areas

This month, we’re blogging all about stage curtains. Stage curtains differ significantly from home window treatments. Unlike smart blinds, stage curtains don’t attach to windows at all. Stage curtains close off specific areas of a theater’s stage from the audience’s view. Whether in the Good Theater or Merrill Auditorium in Portland, Maine, or, stage curtain styles include proscenium, masking, and backdrops. Regardless of their style, Custom Window Decorators can prevent theater fire hazards by flameproofing stage curtains with our flame retardant.

Stage Curtain Styles Include Proscenium, Masking, and Backdrops

The three basic types of stage curtains in Portland, Maine, and surrounding areas, include proscenium, masking, and backdrops. Proscenium stage curtains include the main curtain and valance, which provide an ornamental barrier between the stage and audience. Masking stage curtains conceal backstage equipment, like rigging, lighting components, and hardware, and include side curtains, borders, and legs. Backdrops are stage curtains that usually hang in the rear of the stage, but can go midway and downstage. They’re often made of muslin and decorated to provide scenery.

Why It’s Important to Apply Flame Retardant to Stage Curtains

The combination of the lights’ heat, dust’s combustibility, and how long lights stay on potentially makes stage curtains fire hazards. Regardless of whether the stage curtain is proscenium, masking, or backdrop, it’s important to use flame retardant to fireproof them. Custom Window Decorators can help reduce this risk in and around Portland, Maine. We can take down and bring stage curtains to our Lewiston, Maine, shop, and immerse them in our flame retardant. If it’s an immediate need, we can also treat the curtains with flame retardant on site.

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