Understanding External Zipper Shades

1 May. 2023

Custom Window Decorators Can Keep Indoor Porches Comfortable

Understanding external zipper shades is the topic of our blog this month. Have you thought about using external zipper shades for your property in North Yarmouth, ME, or beyond? The team at Custom Window Decorators has some great ideas about how you can use them to keep your indoor spaces comfortable. If you have an indoor porch, a sunroom, or a comparable room, you can use it for gatherings.

Summer months usually bring sunny days, and that means harmful UV rays affecting both your health and property. Having the right shades can help your indoor areas to feel cooler and more comfortable when you host company. Here are some of the great ways that external zipper shades will benefit you:

External Zipper Shades are Great for Indoor Porches in Sebago Lake, ME

If you have an indoor porch, this type of room can withstand all types of weather. It can give you a taste of the outdoors while you remain protected inside. External zipper shades can help, especially when you are in a heated room. They stand up to the wide array of wear-and-tear that the elements send their way.

Protecting You from Health Issues from Dangerous UV Light

Whether you’re outside or in your home, UV rays can pose a threat to your health. Not only are you at risk for sunburn, but there is also an increased risk for skin cancer. Our zipper shades can help reduce your risk for each of these issues.

Keep Your Property Looking Its Best for Many Years to Come

The longer you’ve owned your property, you’ve certainly seen it show its age. This includes faded color on your car seats, overused furniture, and more. Our zipper shades can help your furniture to stand up to damaging UV rays. This helps you to maximize your investments for years to come.

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